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Lhasa, Tibet — Tibetans continue to suffer from the restrictions of the "zero-covid policy" and the relentless treatment of the Chinese communist authorities during the pandemic. Some have committed suicide and many complain that rising food and internet prices are making their lives more difficult.

According to sources, Tibetans in and around Lhasa are suffering from the Chinese authorities' tight control over people in the name of the "zero-covid policy". They use Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat to express their hardships and suffering, even though they are aware of the consequences of posting such videos.

The Chinese government's “zero-covid policy” caused at least five Tibetans to commit suicide by jumping off buildings in Lhasa from 23 to 25 September 2022. They were depressed by being locked in the house, lack of food, and home and car loans, including rent. This shows the failure of the Chinese government's "zero-covid policy” in Tibet.

The most recent news is that Tibetans in and around Lhasa received a message that the price of the internet was extremely high, for example, 500 yuan ($70), which is not usually the case. Tibetans expressed their agony and dissatisfaction with the internet charges. One of them said, "Please, we are living in a very difficult situation, don't put an extra burden on us, we cannot offer such a high price.”

“China Yitong (China Mobile limited) and Dianxin (China Telecom) enterprises authorities, if you have a sense of shame, please improve your work effectively, the price of the Internet is increasing, while the speed of the Internet is decreasing day by day. "Another person said.

When Tibetans are going through a very difficult situation due to the pandemic, the price of food also increases, some people, including Chinese authorities and officials, take this opportunity to make money, facing the shortage of food, they sell food at a high price. One netizen said, "Please do not increase the price of food, we cannot afford it, we are already in a very difficult situation."

The Chinese authorities discriminate against the people, they look down on the elderly and the poor. One elderly man says sadly in the video, "They have tried to kill the elderly many times by beating and torturing them, they also look down on the poor, why do they treat us like this?."

"The Lhasa government is giving out free anti-pandemic supplies again! I really don't know how to express my feelings. Can someone reflect the voice of the common people? I don't want to see you giving out welfare, what we the people want is to be unblocked! When will the seal be lifted? The biggest thing for people's livelihoods is to win the war against the pandemic as quickly as possible and unblock the city!, a city of 870,000 people has been closed for 57 days! Are these supplies being sent out for a long period of resistance?, " one Tibetan wrote, expressing his feelings of helplessness.

"Do we have to fight for a long time after these supplies have been distributed? The current predicament needs to expand domestic demand and the people's consumption, when the seal is lifted, we can buy freely and still contribute to the country! The benefits given out are free, but there are people who have paid for them. The government has already decided on whether or not to give the Tibetan people a pass or fail in the fight against the pandemic. You can't cover up the reality even if you try to whitewash it online," said the Tibetan, referring to the reality of the situation in Lhasa, Tibet.