An undated photo of Lodoe Gyatso. Photo: file

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Tibet-Lodoe-Gyatso-Political-2018Dharamshala — Former political prisoner Lodoe Gyatso who was reported as missing last week, has apparently been located in Sog County where he was detained by Chinese authorities. Apparently, Lodoe Gyatso staged a solo protest in Lhasa in front of the Potala Palace on January 28.

According to sourves, before his demonstration on January 28, Lodoe Gyatso circumambulated the Potala Palace, and Chinese authorities immediately arrested Lodoe Gyatso and later took him to Sog County where he is currently being held in detention. It is still not clear what slogans Lodoe Gyatso called.

In a video recording of less than two minutes duration, apparently shot just before his peaceful protest, Lodoe Gyatso shares about his plans to organize a peaceful demonstration. Lodoe Gyatso talks about the Tibetan people’s commitment for world peace and non-violence under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. “On this day of 28 January, 2018, I commit to organize activities for world peace. Tashi Delek,” Lodoe Gyatso says in the video.

As TPI has previously reported, in 2016, it was also reported that "Gyatso disappeared into Chinese police custody, in 2016. He was detained in Lhasa, Capital of Tibet around midnight on May 14, 2016 and has not been heard from since." This most recent detention is also for unknown reasons and his family has no information of his whereabouts or information about his detention.

He is the son of the late Jigme and Sonam Yeshe. A member of the local cultural committee, Gyatso was active in spreading aspects of Tibetan culture across the region, sources previously said. In 1993, one of Gyatso's five sisters was killed by a man who Gyatso reportedly later stabbed, allegedly in self-defense, after repeatedly informing the police, who failed to take any action. In 1994, he was moved to a prison in Nagchu and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Gyatso was later transferred to another prison in Drapchi.

While imprisoned in Drapchi, he reportedly staged protests and shouted slogans calling for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and about the human rights situation in Tibet and read it loudly. He also encouraged other inmates to join in on his slogans and distributed handwritten pamphlets. Gyatso was then reportedly tortured and kept in solitary confinement. After being transferred back, he repeated this and reports state that he was brutally tortured for a month in March 1995, causing severe health problems, including kidney failure. Reports also emerged from prison that he was going to be sentenced to death.

According to sources, Lodoe Gyatso was planning to stage peaceful political protests and raise slogans after his house arrest ended in May 2017.

Lodoe Gyatso is from Soghkar village in Tsadog township, Sog county, Nagchu Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region.