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7may20093Dharamshala—Tibetans from many areas in Dege Jodha District, eastern Tibet continue to not farm to show solidarity for Tibetans from all parts of Tibet.  They resist Chinese pressure to plant, sow, and toil  in order to peacefully remember who have lost their lives in the genocide, those who have been brutally beaten and arrested, and those who are missing, as a result of the Chinese communist regime’s deadly crackdown in all the three traditional province of Tibet last year.

Tibetans in the following areas of Dege Jodha District in eastern Tibet, have not planted crops or tended to their fields for a month.  The area’s include; Jiwariwa, Dragan, Tsanbha, Ambha, Godha, Dhotrengdha, Ketreng, Jodha, Washul, Gazi, Shilu, Nguldha, Thartse, Bhothang, Khathang, Radhoruwa counties in Khagang, Rongsum, Jodha regions, eastern Tibet,  

According to the source, Chinese are taking land that Tibetans refuse to cultivate in Radho areas, Jodha District.   The Chinese authorities are buying Tibetan farms to use as a military base. and are proposing to increase military in eastern Tibet.  

There will be no wheat this year because it is too late in the season to plant, but local Chinese authorities are still heavily pressuring Tibetans in the areas to cultivate potatoes, peas and other gradable crops.

"If you will not to plant the farms, our military will use those farms for our purpose" the local authorities announced, but the Tibetans in the area opposed and are not letting the military seize the land.

As Chinese pressure mounts in rural areas, many Tibetans, particularly men are escaping from their villages and towns by pretending that they are going to the hills to collect “cordyceps sinnensis"; a medical plant (A medical plant which a grass in the summer and an insect in the winter).   Local authorities have a difficult time controlling the people in the area that is rapidly decreasing because of the numbers of Tibetans who have escaped.  

Even a public meeting in difficulties, to be held, so Chinese forces can publicly pressure the people of Dege Jodha District into submission.  However, the people remain firm in their resolve when they are asked why they are not planting their farms, they say, "We, Tibetans in the areas are united in our efforts to show our strong solidarity to our brothers and sisters those who lost their lives and those who have faced and are facing brutality, suffering and genocide under the Chinese rule."  

The above news is based on original Tibetan text and provided by Geshe Monlam Tharchin, member of Tibetan Parliament.