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Namkha Sonam DakpaDharamshala: Namkha Sonam Drakpa, a Tibetan journalist felt something slip into his pocket as he shook hands with the high Lama from his regional monastery, Tibetans in attendance also saw the exchange, and heard the Lama say to Mr. Drakpa "I have a strong belief in you," and thus a political activist for Tibet was made.

Unemployed, persecuted by the Chinese authorities for fulfilling the Lama's expectations, Mr. Drakpa distributed 10,000 copies of the photos of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and his eminence the Panchen Lama, that the Lama had placed in his care. Mr. Drakpa said, "I printed these photos and gave them to monks and nuns to distribute them to the monasteries, to be displayed on the throne of His Holiness."

Namkha spoke about how Chinese authorities control the media in Tibet, "There is no press freedom in Tibet, any of our reporter write any story, will be investigated and highly concerned by the authorities, journalist can only write positive aspects of communist regime" he said.

"Chinese officials threatened reprisals against those who continue to listen to Tibetan and international radio stations, and the government created a frequency to interrupt broadcasts.  Internet is also highly restricted,  and identity cards are even checked in internet cafes." he continued.

In 2005, he printed photo copies of the Panchen lama, Gendun Choekyi Nyima, recognized by His Holiness, with captions in English about the missing Lama and Chinese abuses, this he said, "put in great danger."

In a propaganda scheme evoked by Beijing, the Panchen Lama falsely appointed by Chinese authorities, made an official visit to Yunnan province in Eastern Tibet. Provincial officials, high ranking members of society, and local authorities were strongly recommended to receive the fake-lama with resplendence.

In collusion with his friends Mr. Drakpa contacted all regional authorities and village heads and together they made a coordinated effort not to receive the false lama sent by Beijing.

Tibetan people disapprove of the lama appointed by Beijing because he is not recognized as a reincarnated being by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he is used by the Chinese government as a way of exerting control over Tibetan lineage, government, culture, and religion, and he belongs to a sect of Buddhism condemned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

"On 1 November 2007, my time as a freedom fighter inside of Tibet came to an end when I was turned in to the local authorities; they searched my office and found the photos."  He said "November second I consulted a fortune teller, and my relatives who are knowledgeable about how the Chinese government punishes Tibetans.  Everyone pointed me west to India, so I fled my home."

Mr Drakpa, afraid of being discovered by the Chinese authorities skirted popularly used and tested route India. Instead he took refuge in the faith that His Holiness the Lama and bestowed on him years before and chose to take difficult and dangerous road that is less traveled by.

Namkha, 40 years old, a Tibetan journalist from eastern Tibet was both editor and director of local television channel which is controlled by a Chinese radio broadcast in eastern Tibet, he was a teacher for 3 years, later he became a journalist, worked to a TV channel for 21 years till 2007. Now, he is a reporter for Boxun News Network, a Chinese website based in USA.