Lhasa, Tibet – Chinese authorities in occupied Tibet tighten their control over Tibetans, banning not only officials but also ordinary Tibetans from visiting monasteries during the Tibetan holy month, Saga Dawa festival. However, the Chinese authorities have allowed an increasing number of Chinese tourists to visit these monasteries, in violation of religious freedom.

Dharamshala – With the frequent occurrence of self-immolations and protests in Tibet, a department of the Chinese Communist Party conducted research into the causes of these and other developments in Tibetan areas. The report stated, “Majority of the instability in Tibet is the result of people's opposition to the improper and corrupt practices of the cadres, which has nothing to do with political issues. The authorities, however, blamed the "Dalai clique" for the incident after the problem was revealed.

Dharamshala – Chinese authorities began to tighten control on the Internet in the next 100 days, by searching phones and arresting people in the name of "cleaning up the Internet and preventing rumors". Recently, a Tibetan man was arrested for expressing his joy at seeing His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Chinese social media after decades.

Dharamshala — Chinese authorities sentenced a Tibetan writer to four years in prison for writing an article criticising the Chinese government's replacement of the Tibetan language with Chinese in Tibetan schools, which endangers the mother tongue.

Dharamshala – In recent years, Chinese kidnappers have abducted more and more Tibetan children, including school children. They have even abducted Tibetan children during the day on their way to school, but the Chinese authorities have ignored these activities. Although they have arrested the kidnappers, they have only held them for a few months and then released them.

Dharamshala — The Chinese authorities have renamed buildings, monuments and museums in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, as "patriotic education sites" in order to intensify the "patriotic re-education" of Tibetans, especially young people, and to eliminate Tibetan history, culture, religion, language and identity.

Dharamshala – China stated that it has eliminated more than 100 organisations in 2022 under the so-called "Sweep Out the Black and Eliminate the Evil" policy, claiming that these organizations are black and evil. This is a government policy to destroy groups and individuals who do not conform to the CCP's ideas. This action is a serious violation of people's basic rights.

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