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earthlink-2013EarthLink Tours & Travels is a government approved Travel Agent registered under registration no: TOU (Gen)/101. Based in New Delhi, India, We are full service agency and sell standard travel products and services, including air ticketing on Domestic & International, air Tickets, Overseas Travels Insurance, E-  Train tickets  reservation  all over India, accommodations, Transportation, Travel packages, Foreign Exchange, Web Designing, Developing and Hosting services.

We in EarthLink Tours & Travels understand that the potion for every successful travel package is personalized attention to the visiting tourists, and we proudly state that our staffs is not only highly skilled and motivated but also warm and hospitable giving personal attention to each and every client.

Operations: We believe to provide the best tour in the travel industry in terms of tour planning, cost valuations, hotels suggestions and bookings, transportations, travel assistance, tourism information, sightseeing, shopping, multilingual tour guide, special interest tours, air and rail tickets bookings. Say, right from the moment you step down in India till your depart. Extensive tour planning is backed by our experienced professionals with well-desired tour itineraries of your choice.

Seven (7) Reasons why thinking about us:

1. Time Saving: Operating by locally based people, we have all information on our finger tips and your inquiries / requests will be responded in one or two days.

2. Cost effective: We haven't ever been proud of being the cheapest offer in the Himalayan region, but we ensure the most effective rates to our clients. We inform you about news and updates, let you know about special promotions, advice on the quality of a particular product. Your payments are conducted by active local teams and we always try to get the best value for your travel dollars.

3. Flexibility: We have wide ranges of travel products with joint tours, seat-in-coach, module tours, free & easy packages, short vacations and others in satisfaction of groups from 20 people to 1-2 guests. Each individual traveller or in the group would obtain our identical love and caring.

4. Negotiable: We highly appreciate your negotiation. You are the best person who knows exactly what you want and your ideas would help us to find the best solution. The more mutual understanding, the more beneficial.

5. Sustainable and Responsible Travel: In EarthLink Tours & Travels, sustainable tourism and green travel are highly recommended. Smoking, deforestation, disruption of ordinary life in local communities and destruction of the environment are discouraged or even forbidden while we suggest our guests to meet and visit local people to experience their culture, history and daily activities.

6. Fresh attitude and regularly updated: You are working with a young team of EarthLink Tours & Travels. Your each contact and request are considered as a challenge and all of us are eager to conquer it. We are young enough to refresh frequently our business concept, systems and structures, but we are old enough to be your experienced partner.

7. Helpful: As our slogan says: "Simply your best local friend." Deal or not deal, we are always happy to provide you news, updated information about India. Your choice of travelling to India is our honor and we as well as other Indian, unconditionally would be glad to welcome you. More detral please visit