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11september20095Bhopal: In a radical gesture of political protest, self-proclaimed Gandhian global peace activist Dr. Mahesh ‘Aman Gandhi’ Yadav protested the Chinese army’s looming threat of aggression in India by using his own blood to scrawl the statement “Killer China must be declared terrorist country” on a poster of Chinese President Hu Jintao in TT Square in Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.).  The move was an appeal to the U.N. and other world leaders for the immediate expulsion of China from the UN Security Council, and the liberation of Tibet from Chinese occupation.  This, according to Yadav, is the only way to “preserve world peace.”

Yadav asserts that if the Indian government had “done justice to Tibet”, which he believes to be “the world’s most peaceful country”, by defending it from Chinese occupation in 1959, China would not pose the threat to world democracy, justice, and peace that it currently does.  He further warns that if “justice-loving” countries keep silent about China’s destructive actions, a third world war is surely imminent. 

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