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20 November 2012 004Dharamshala: The Department of Education of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is pleased to announce a new scholarship scheme based on merit, need. The new scheme aims to provide incentives to talented and hard-working students while also being mindful of the needs of the economically disadvantaged students and families. It aims to fulfil the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and reflects the 14th Kashag prioritisation of education.

Investment in Education will strengthen and sustain the Tibet cause. This new scheme aims to promote academic excellence, produce more scholars and professionals, and also support economically disadvantaged students.

The new scheme represents a 50% increase in annual scholarship funding. The Department of Education will strive to provide more scholarship in the coming years that support better human resource development and enhance over all Tibetan capability and promote more leaders in the Tibetan community.

Some of the highlights of the new scheme are:

1) Gaden Phodrang Student Merit Award: As an incentive to students, the Department of Education has increased both the amount and the number of awardees of this prestigious award. The number of awardees has been increased to nine students from the present three, and the cash award is now 20,000 INR, 15,000 INR and 10,000 INR for the top three recipients in each of the three streams of science, arts and commerce.

2) Sikyong Scholarship: This new scholarship is being rolled out to encourage our students to work harder and perform better in the board exams. Any student who obtains 95% or higher in the XIIth grade board exam will be awarded this prestigious scholarship, with a monetary prize of 100,000 INR (One lakh rupees).

3) Sikyong Award for Academic Accomplishments: Any student or candidate who has completed a Ph.D. in any field will be awarded the Sikyong Award of 20,000 INR, along with a certificate of appreciation.

4) Students scoring higher percentages on the annual exam will be rewarded with higher scholarship amounts. Presently, we provide the same scholarship amount to all the students, irrespective of performance. For example, a student with a 60% score receives the same amount as one with 80% score. However, now under the new scholarship scheme, students will be awarded scholarships ranging from 35,000 INR to 100,000 INR depending on their performance in the school board exams.

5) Cash Incentive Award: If a student currently holding a scholarship scores 75% or more on the final yearly examination, he or she will be offered 10,000 INR, in addition to the regular scholarship amount he or she is offered.

6) Special Scholarships for Economically Disadvantaged (Nyamthak) Students: This scholarship has been introduced for students who are financially below the poverty line as determined by the CTA. It aims to help such students complete a higher education, which will in turn help alleviate families from poverty. The students under this category are eligible to apply who score a minimum of 40% on the board exam.

Note: The above Scholarships are subject to the fulfilment of criterion stipulated in the Rules and Regulation governing DOE Scholarship Program.