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6 february 2012 001Dharamsala: The "Tibetan Cultural Center Belgium" is organising a "Tibetan Culture Day" on Sunday 4th March 2012 from 12.00-17.00 o'clock in Brussels ("Le Cercle", Rue Doyen Boone nr. 6 in 1040 Brussels; metro Merode).


On the programme:
- from 12.00 o'clock: welcome, a tribute to H.H. the Dalai Lama, speech by the representative of the Office of Tibet, religious chants by Tibetan monks, songs by the students of the Tibetan schools in Belgium (organised by the Tibetan Cultural Center)
- 13.00 o'clock: Tibetan-Indian buffet
- 14.00 uur: tradititonal Tibetan singing and dancing from the three provinces U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo, workshops how to make tsampa and Tibetan tea, a demonstration philosophical debates by Tibetan monks
- 15.00 o'clock: tea and bingo game (a way to get to know the numbers in Tibetan)
- 16.00 o'clock: short film about Tibet (about the life of a Tibetan nomad couple in Tibet)
- 16.30 o'cock: election of the person with the most beautiful chupa (traditional Tibetan dress)
- 17.00 o'clock: final speech and thanks.

Througout the day there will also be craft stalls and an exhibition of paintings. You can have your name written in Tibetan and there is a workshop for children, how to make Tibetan prayer flags.

The website of the Tibetan Cultural Center is

The entrance fee is 15 euro all inclusive, also the buffet, and free below 18 years.

With kind regards,
Dennis Barbion.