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02february201108lDharamshala: Tibet's Forgotten Heroes. The Story of Tibet's Armed Resistance against China is a unique historical document on Tibetan resistance to Chinese oppression. For the very first time since the events, forty-eight stories by Tibetan warriors involved in the struggle for freedom are given unabridged, creating a vivid and emotional spectrum of events in Tibet since 1949.

The author, Birgit van de Wijer, has been careful to provide an honest transcription of the interviews, acting only as a 'service hatch'.

The book with stories of these surviving ancient freedom fighters, by now at high age, presents for future generations a first hand and multi-angled view on one of the most tragic periods in the history of Tibet.

The first hand interviews as well as the translation into English were conducted by native Tibetans. The book is the result of a two years work with dozens of Tibetans involved.

Tibet's Forgotten Heroes. The Story of Tibet's Armed Resistance against China. A highly emotive collection of first hand accounts of the struggle to resist Chinese oppression in Tibet.
by Birgit van de Wijer or available on

From the same Author: Child Exodus from Tibet (2006, translated in French and Dutch - and to be published soon: Escape to Freedom. The Dangerous Trek
of Tibetan Youth. (Paljor Publications, 2011)

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