Dharamsala: His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave American Jim Petersen a Tibetan name. It is Tenzin Tenkyon, which means ‘spreader of Dharma.’ The local Tibetan community calls him ‘Pala,’ the Father of Tibet. In March 2008, five NGOs, the Central Tibetan Women’s Association, the Gu Chu Sum Association of Ex-Political Prisoners, the Democratic Party of Tibet, the Tibetan Youth Congress and the Students for a Free Tibet, organized a ten-week human rights march from Dharamsala through Delhi and on to the Tibetan border.

Dharamshala: 400 mothers and children made the 15 minute walk from McLeod Ganj to Tibetan Institute of the Performing Arts (TIPA).  Arriving at that hall audience members found that there was only room to stand in the warm hall that buzzed with anticipation, the rowdy crowd was quick to laugh, easily encouraged to sing along, and gave thanks and appreciation readily, thanks to the performers, but centrally appreciation to mothers to commemorate mother’s day.

Dharamshala: Peak café was not considered as an option because, Yarphel explains, “if you call your place Peak Café it is like you are above all the other places in town and they will feel badly,” other ideas are proposed “yak café, yak coffee, goat tea shop” none of these names were appealing, owners Yarphel and Tashi decided to call their new shop “Rose Café.” Tashi said, “yeah it is a little too romantic for two guys, but the sound is nice.” With that Rose Café was painted on the side of the building and above the door, and Dharamshala had a new restaurant.
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