Dharamshala: Ngawang preferred to leave his full name unrevealed - his status of an ex-political prisoner in refugee, who, moreover, took part in the protest of 14 March 2008 can still cause a harmful effect on his family back in Tibet. Since the notorious riot the pressure on the locals only toughened and borders secured more then ever don't leave a chance to slip through: only one refugee has been registered since then and Ngawang appears to be one of those lucky, who escaped the country before the iron curtain fell.

Dharamshala: The morning hasn't yet turned into a hot-stove noon and a stroll down the curving street was like a cup of refreshing basel & mint tea followed by a nib of a crispy lemon bisquit. The doors of Rogpa Shop and Cafe were already open and according to the wafting smell of chocolate the staff was ready to greet the visitors.

Dharamshala: The sun sets around 6:30, as the sun takes a parting glance before it disappears under the Himalayas. Sonam Lhamo sits on the steps of the small temple in Dharamshala, she was here well before sunrise and will remain here for another two hours. She said that the location of her momo stand is “not good,” ideally she would like to set up her stand at the bus stop or in front the main temple, but Sonam has only been selling momos in Dharamshala for one month and is therefore allocated to these steps. “I carry the momos here early in the morning and I sit here all day.”

This year the annual Miss Tibet Pageant will be held on 5-7 June. In past years it has been held in October. Director Lobsang Wangyal explains, "In October the evenings are cold. We must ensure the comfortability of the contestants, audience and staff. Autumn is also the season for selling and purchasing woolen products, and a large number of Tibetans travel to Ludhiana in the Punjab state, therefore minimizing our potential audience. In addition, we urge women of Tibetan descent residing in foreign countries to enter the pageant and summer vacation in the West generally begins in June.

Dharamshala: After infecting nearly 40,000 persons in 89 countries starting from mexico, four more persons have tested positive for swine flu in Delhi the Indian capital,  taking the total number of influenza A (H1N1) cases in India to 43, health officials said. A dozen of them have already been discharged from hospitals.

Dharamshala: Ms. Alicja Mojko is senior journalist from Poland, also a long term activist for Tibet and Tibetan people,  she shared with The Tibet Post about her experiences for last 25 years including her visit to Tibet 3 years ago. "I am a very old woman, in that a great number of things have happened in my life. For the past 25 years I have worked in the theater. I also write and paint. The alternative theater I run is active in matters of life and politics; we fight for causes we deem worthwhile. My theater participates in demonstrations for the Tibetan cause, environmental issues; we collaborate with Amnesty International and Green Peace. Buddhism came to me as a philosophical interest in the teachings of the maters. I spent sixteen days practicing in a monastery.

Dharamsala: His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave American Jim Petersen a Tibetan name. It is Tenzin Tenkyon, which means ‘spreader of Dharma.’ The local Tibetan community calls him ‘Pala,’ the Father of Tibet. In March 2008, five NGOs, the Central Tibetan Women’s Association, the Gu Chu Sum Association of Ex-Political Prisoners, the Democratic Party of Tibet, the Tibetan Youth Congress and the Students for a Free Tibet, organized a ten-week human rights march from Dharamsala through Delhi and on to the Tibetan border.

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