Dharamshala: I feel guilty about the ease with which I can disregard and justify the oppression of a nation.  Let me explain:  I grew up in Canada and completely took for granted the fact that I would live with my own family, be unconditionally taken care of, provided with equal and limitless opportunity, and that was that.... doesn't everybody? No, not if you’re Tibetan. Not if you live in Tibet. I mean, I remember hearing about Free Tibet concerts, and have known quite vaguely that, well, maybe there was a problem far away in some mountainous region.

Dharamshala: Describing the media reports by some Indian newspaper that seven Tibetans in Dharamsala were tested positive for swine flu as "untrue", the health department of the Central Tibetan Administration however urged the Tibetans to remain alert and follow precautionary measures to combat the epidemic.

Dharamshala: As always with Asian people, it was hard to guess Palden's real age. As he related the opening lines of his story, his recollections seemed so precise that I wouldn't have guessed him to be older than 30. Yet when he faced the audience, there were ages and ages of suffering deep inside his eyes that seemed to have turned him into an old man.

Dharamshala: U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, the elder statesman of America's most famous political family, died on Tuesday at the age of 77, after a battle with brain cancer. He was the youngest brother of the beloved President John F. Kennedy, whose assassination traumatized Americans over 40 years ago. The legendary life of this Massachusetts-based Democratic legislator was marked by both tremendous achievement and great controversy.

Taipei: A delegation of 36 Taiwanese doctors, nurses, and interns from the Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps paid a visit to Dharamshala for one week, during which they provided medical services to hundreds of exiled Tibetans and met the Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Dharamshala: In the bottom of mail trucks there are large crates that the border police don’t check.  Laying flat on his stomach below the mail, Sonam returned to his homeland Tibet.  He went to see his family, and to act as a guide and smuggle individuals threatened by the Chinese government out of Tibet.

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