Dharamshala — A two-day 20th International Himalayan Festival held McLeod Ganj, India, to mark the 26th Anniversary of Nobel Peace Prize on His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The event was attended by hundreds of Tibetans, local Indians, and foreign and domestic tourists.

Dharamshala — Youth in city is always on the hunt for an escape that is rooted in character and personal in essence. A cozy escape that as soon as stepped into, swoons them away with pocket friendly food, a peaceful read and music that makes nostalgia smile ear to ear.

Dharamshala — True to their annual promise, DIFF brought to the mountains, the choicest of talent yet again in 2015. The festival that lasted 4 days starting 5th November, provided a platform to budding filmmakers whilst the presence of established and experienced members of the industry.

Dharamshala:- The second day of the Dharamshala International film festival featured two documentaries with very different themes – one on the issue of conformity to tradition versus the pursuit of individual happiness, the other on the pain of exile.

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