Dharamshala — A new book focused on a Tibetan female protagonist and based on the story of Tibetans in exile, Mountains to Manhattan by Pinakie Kansabanik, is a refreshing breath of general accuracy regarding the Tibetan experience in diaspora.

St. Petersberg  On the 3rd of June, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented over 100 volumes of the sacred Tibetan Buddhist text "Urga Kanjur" to Jampa Donor, Buda Balzheivich Badmayev, the head priest of the Monastery, Gunzechoinei Buddhist Temple.

Dharamshala — Located in McLeod Ganj, Geden Choeling Nunnery, of the Gelugpa tradition, is the oldest nunnery in Dharmshala. The nunnery had absorbed a steady stream of refugee nuns since 1975. Today, it is home to 140 nuns, one of whom TPI had the pleasure of speaking to.

London, UK — "Free from concretizing the eight worldly concerns, we train our mind in the illusion-like outlook that sees things as not real," the 17th Karmapa said during his first trip to the UK, Through training our mind, "our compassion and patience increase and our minds open up."

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