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Tibet-Poetry-Tibetans-2016-323Dharamshala — In 2014, a group was started in WeChat by several Tibetans. Named Clearing Confusion, the group began an effort to preserve and revitalize Tibetan poetry.

Each week, each group member must send a poem in an inter-group competition. This week marks the hundredth week of competition and poem sharing.

Today the group is led by Sershil Rabsel and has 234 members who submit weekly poems. Members include Tibetans from inside Tibet and in exile throughout the world.

The group also provides lessons and guidance for young Tibetans today who are interested in writing poetry. Through WeChat messages, poets are able to share their art and inspire the younger generation to continue Tibet’s precious literature traditions.

According to the group leader, Sershil Rabsel, in celebration of the group’s successful hundredth week and being in existence for two years, the group is revisiting famous poems and poets from Tibet’s past, both within and outside of the homeland.