Bylakuppe, Mysore: - Around 600 monks gathered outside the courtyard of Sera Lachi Monastery on Tuesday, braving light shower and savage attacks of mosquitoes, to listen to a talk about the present environment and development issues concerning Tibet.

Dharamshala: - The environmental researchers of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) based in Dharamshala Wednesday said China's large-scale exploitation of mineral resources in Tibet caused the recent disaster that killed more than 80 Chinese miners.

Dharamshala: Dorjee Tsering is a man who believes that caring for the elderly and the infirm is a mission to be exacted with kindness and compassion. The Tibetan expression Nying-Jay Yul (the name of the NGO he helped to start) means roughly, it's always difficult to literally translate a word from one language into another without loosing some of its essence, giving kindness and care to others. This, Dorjee Tsering does.

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