Environment and Health
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18august20094Dharamshala: Feeling grave danger to both human lives and animals because of the toxic waste from the mining work in Meldro Gungkar located near Tibet's capital Lhasa, the local Tibetan residents from Gyami township have filed a petition urging the Chinese authorities to put an immediate halt to the mining project.

They expressed deep concern over the detrimental effects of the project, such as drying up of spring water, water poisoning and extermination of flora and fauna of the region. More than 1000 heads of domestic animals had died after drinking toxic water.

But the local government has not yet responded to the petition and deliberately overlooked the genuine concerns of the local residents. The whole region is under heavy military surveillance, with imposition of severe restrictions on communication to outside world and people visiting the region.

The residents have now pinned their hopes on international environmental and health organisations to bring an immediate end to the mining project.

Some Tibetans who were paid to work for the local government are employing harsh and gentle means to motivate the local residents to resume the mining work.

Earlier on 20 June this years, three Tibetans were seriously injured in a clash between the local Tibetans and Chinese miners after the miners tried to divert irrigation water to a working site.

On 21 June, the local Tibetans approached a group of visiting officials of Tibet Autonomous Region and demanded the complete withdrawal of miners. After removing the miners from the region on the following day, the authorities send work teams to warn the residents not to oppose the mining project and threatened them to be charged with engaging in political activities.