Tibet: News Tibet CPC starts mandatory training on 19th Congress party in Tibet

CPC starts mandatory training on 19th Congress party in Tibet

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Tibet-CPC-Re-Education-Campaign-2017Dharamshala — Reports from Tibet reveal that Chinese communist authorities have entered Qinghai, Sichuan and other Tibetan monasteries in Tibet, forcing monks, nuns, and laypeople to undergo patriotic reeducation campaign based on the principles of Communist China's 19th Congress Party.

Since the conclusion of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China last month, authorities have allegedly been traveling inside Tibet preaching the principles of the 19th Congress, and forcing residents to undergo mandatory training and examination.

A Qinghai-based source said, "The Chinese authorities have claimed that interest in learning about the 19th Congress has risen in various parts of Tibet, however, authorities are actually forcing monks and the Tibetan public to learn.

"In particular, places where self-immolations and demonstrations such as Huangnan Prefecture in Qinghai Province, Aba Prefecture and Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan Province seem to be the main points of focus for authorities, as propaganda activities are, in their words, 'being carried out in full swing.'

"This month, in the areas of Zeku County, Tongren County, Jianzha County and Henan Autonomous County in Huangnan Prefecture of Qinghai Province, the United Front Work Department have called on teachers and abbots of all monasteries to set up 'training courses' for them and devote themselves to the '19th Party Spirit ' After studying and training, they were forced to 'enlighten' their monks and local people in their monasteries of the 19th Congress Party's principles, and to ensure that monks and lay people were patriotic and shared the same passion as the party and government," the source concluded.

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