Dharamshala, India — In a statement to mark the 30th anniversary of the conferment of the Nobel Peace Prize on His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the 71st International Human Right Day in Dharamshala, India, on Tuesday, President Dr Lobsang Sangay said: "Even in the face of persecution, His Holiness has led the world with examples through his undeterred efforts to resolve the issue of Tibet non-violently".

Dharamshala, India — Sandesh Meshram, a regional convener of western region-I (Maharashtra & Goa) which is a core group for Tibetan cause-India. He will be campaigning for his bicycle rally entitled FOURTH JANJAGARAN CYCLE YATRA with the core message of FREE TIBET, SAVE INDIA.

Washington, DC — A resolution recently introduced in the United States Congress recognizes the cultural and religious significance of a genuinely autonomous Tibet, the deep bond between people of America and Tibet and highly praises His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his commitment to global peace.

Dharamshala, India — "People of Tibet are taking a moderate stand where we are willing to take less than what we deserve so that we can reach a win-win proposition," Tibetan President Dr Lobsang Sangay said, adding: "So that China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity will not be challenged and we will have genuine autonomy for Tibetans."

Geneva — 'The high tech surveillance tools used by China in carrying out repressive policies against the vulnerable people in occupied territories such as Tibetans, Eastern Turkistans and Southern Mongolians,' President Dr Lobsang Sangay said when delivering his opening remarks at 2019 Geneva Forum on China’s High-Tech Repression and Freedom of Religion.

Washington, DC — "Today, we’re finally realizing the degree to which the Chinese Communist Party is truly hostile to the United States and our values, and its worse deeds and words and how they impact us. And we’re able to do that because of the leadership of President Trump," US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Wednesday said, adding: "They were predictable byproducts of dealing with a secretive regime that doesn’t respect fairness, the rule of law, and reciprocity."

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