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Dharamshala: Two times a week James Yueyuan Zhue is in direct contact with 4,000 Chinese readers through e-mail, he speaks about democracy and human rights and in the couple of years he has spoken about the Tibet issue.  He is a part of a delegation of six Chinese writers who have spent the past week in Dharamshala, yesterday the writers had a 3 hour conversation with His Holiness the Dalia Lama during which they spoke about Tibet China relations and the future of Tibet.  Chinese writer, Mr.  Zhue said, he treated us like brothers, he is a great person and his thoughts are deeper than everyone’s.

The Chinese writers visited the Tibetan government in exile meeting with ministers and parliament members, they also met with representatives from various Tibetan NGOs, and visited schools and medical institutions in the Tibetan settlement.

Last week His Holiness the Dalai Lama was honored with citizenship of Paris, he said “Over one year there have been more than 400 articles in Chinese languages were on the internet all these 400 articles very much positive and showed solidarity with Tibet.   So therefore, here in France in Paris there are many Chinese students, intellectuals, and protesters so I think you can understand the reality of Tibet.”

35 years ago Mr. Zhue and his family immigrated to the United States, he describes himself as pessimistic about The Tibet situation until his meeting with His Holiness the Dalia Lama yesterday.

He said;  “We discussed yesterday that cultural genocide is not only affecting the Tibetan people, Chinese culture and the whole Chinese cultural tradition is eliminated in China, people don’t know the tradition don’t know ancient morality they live only for money, sex, money, terrible situation. That is whole of China not only Tibet, one day they will collapse.”

“They wait for the Dalai Lama to die tomorrow; Tibetan people wait for the communist system to collapse tomorrow; I am also waiting for the collapse of the communist system.”
He continued.

“His Holiness thinks peoples morality is falling after the dictatorship is eliminated people, don’t need to lie and don’t need to do evil things, peoples nature will come back.  I agree with him and he has given me some light.”

Like the thousands of Tibetans who cross the mountains to see their spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Yi Ping, a freelance writer living in the United States journeyed to Dharamshala to see His Holiness.

He said “We talked about many things especially about the relationship between Han Chinese and Tibetans, about their joined future and fate. Political issues are short and un-lasting, but we can not solve them immediately in a short time, a long lasting friendship and good communications between our two nations is very important.”

The audience was moved when His Holiness spoke about his view of humanity.   Yi Ping said “He does not discriminate between nations or race, he doesn’t differentiate between Nepali, Tibetan, or Indians, he recognizes that they are part of one family.  As a warm hearted Buddhist His Holiness has the same views of the Chinese, His Holiness is beyond the reach of geography or race.  His Holiness explained that if everyone was less self-important then the good virtues will come to the surface, killings and lies will subside.  But in China people are living under such oppression so…”

The 74 year old spiritual leader said "They are awaiting my death, I have little hope of reaching a negotiated solution with the Chinese government. My trust in that government is very thinner because the whole communist political system is based on lies and hypocrisy" but he explains that his faith in Chinese people "is never shaken."

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