Dharamshala: Early last month before Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama left for a speaking tour in the US and Europe the Prof. Samdong Rinpoche, the prime minister of the Tibetan government in exile ,expressed that he wanted to resign from his post. His Holiness declined the Prime Minister’s request.

Dharamshala: 20 years old Tenzin Choezom was crowned as the new Miss Tibet by Dr BK Modi, the Chairman of the Spice India Splendour. Choezom is from Dharamshala, a hill station in northern state of India where the exile Tibetan government based for past 50 years. Lobsang Wangyal, the director of the pageant exhibited his traditional dress with long sword, when the final beauty contest took place in Dharamshala on 7th June.

Dharamshala: Two banners one in Chinese and one in English hang in the exhibition hall of the Guchusum Movement by the Tibet People’s Uprising Movement (TPUM) the banners declare “Tibet and Tiananmen are Beijing’s shame.”  4th June marks the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre, an event that along with the ongoing human rights offenses in Tibet represent China’s brutal militaristic oppression.  At a press conference today in Dharamshala, TPUM said “exile Tibetans stand in solidarity with the Chinese democracy movement and express support for their demand for freedom, human rights and democracy in China.”

Dharamshala: Lobsang Wangyal, director of Miss Tibet held a press conference to introduce the four Miss Tibet candidates in the Miss Tibet pageant 2009, today begins one week of training for each of the contestant.  This year, the pageant will promote the message "thank you India for 50 years of help and hospitality.”  Mr. Wangyal said "it is an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of Tibet on the world stage.  The spirit of celebration is high, but we pay homage and salute to those brave Tibetans who have laid down their lives for their belief in freedom, justice, and love for Tibet."

Dharamshala: On the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Tibetan Peoples’ Uprising Movement consisting of the Tibetan Women’s Association, the Gu-Chu-Sum Ex-Political Prisoners’ Movement, the National Democratic Party of Tibet and the Students for a Free Tibet (India), organized a candlelight vigil in Dharamsala yesterday to indicate that Tibetans stand in solidarity with the Chinese democracy movement and express support for their demand for freedom, human rights and democracy in China. Hundreds of Tibetans, wearing white straps on their heads to symbolize mourning of the thousands of Chinese students who sacrificed their lives for liberty and democracy took part in the vigil to commemorate the scene of carnage.

Dharamshala: Yesterday, official speeches, formalities, underscore the importance of community, huge crowds and competitive football matches demonstrate the unity within the Tibetan exile community and between India that has hosted Tibetans for 50 years.  The 10 day Gaylyum Chemo Memorial Gold Cup commenced with an expedition match between Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV); "TCV united" and Himachal Pradesh (HP) police department.   His Eminence Gyalwa Karmapa was the chief guest at the event, addressed the crowd of thousands gathered to watch the match  “now Tibetan youth are facing difficulties in life, education and in work, in this tournament, they have an opportunity to be free of these obstacles; freedom from these difficulties, if even for an afternoon is healthy and productive.”

Dharamshala: In Tibet, the word for servant translates very nearly to the word for slave, and child labors working in the Tibetan community are not that different from slaves.  Trinley Gyatso is the India representative for Swiss-Tibetan organization, Human Steps.  Human Steps currently works in the Tibetan community raising awareness of Indian child labor laws and international conventions against the practice.   June 12 of this year is world child labor day, Mr. Gyatso hopes that it will help him to expose the practice child labor in the Tibetan community.

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