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Dharamshala: - The Department of Religion and Culture (DRC) in collaboration with Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) has organised a two-week modern 'Science Workshop for Monks and Nuns' at Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Bir, from 18 August.

Dharamshala: - A study led by researchers from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States has discovered the genetic reason that Tibetans can live without medical complications on the Himalayan Plateau of Tibet, which has an average elevation of 14,800 feet.

Dharamshala: - The Tibetan administration admonished Tibetans in exile — "Sexual Assault Free Tibetan Society" — as it released guidelines designed to pre-empt sexual assault cases in the Tibetan community.

Dharamshala: - February 3, 2014 - The Tibet Oral History Project (TOHP) successfully accomplished its mission in the Bylakuppe and Hunsur Tibetan Settlements by videotaping 25 oral histories from December 22 to January 6, 2014.

Dharamshala: - The College for Higher Tibetan Studies successfully marked its 16thfounding anniversary on 14th Aug 2014.

London: - Research by Lobsang Yongdan, a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cmabridge on a Tibetan text might alter the standard description of Tibet being 'isolated', 'mysterious' and not knowing what lay beyond their borders before the 20th Century.

New Delhi, February 4, 2014: The two-day symposium organized by Tibetan Women's Association was held at India International Centre, New Delhi, the capital of India on February 3 and 4.

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