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Dharamshala — Deep in murky waters of neglect, here's an account of one of the brave heart Tibetans who among many risked her life in the hope of leading a better one when undertaking the journey from Tibet to India.

Dharamshala — The spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama attended a two day conference on Quantum Physics and Madhyamaka Philosophical View held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India on November 12th 2015.

Dharmasala, India – In his interaction with Tibetan students from across India's Capital Delhi, the 17th Karmapa urged them to "actively seek ways to keep their Tibetan identity relevant, by giving new meaning to old customs and traditions."

Dharamshala: - Tens of thousands of people stood gazing at a group of prisoners, amongst them was Dhondup Wangyal. The crowd staring up at the stage were all from his hometown.

Dharamshala — The Tibetan political leader, Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay said the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) has increased from 135 scholarships to 600 this year and nurturing at least "500 professionals" annually, while recognising "Education" as one of his top priorities.

Dharamshala:- Our decision to take the controversial new train from Xining to Lhasa in 2012 tugged at my conscience, but it was the one way that we could logistically manage our trip to Tibet. And I will admit that the opportunity to watch the vast Tibetan plateau unfold before our eyes was a compelling prospect.

Dharamshala: - The Department of Religion and Culture (DRC) in collaboration with Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) has organised a two-week modern 'Science Workshop for Monks and Nuns' at Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Bir, from 18 August.

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